Delhi Development Authority

Delhi Development Authority abbreviated as DDA is the name synonymous with many top class homes with every lifetime facilities in economical rates presented to the people living in Delhi under Government of Delhi’s township planning. Delhi City came to prominence not before the year 1911 where during British ruling the capital city of India was shifted from being in Calcutta (Now Kolkata). Security and Promotion of Delhi’s development had to be handed over to some organization and hence under the provision of Delhi Development Act in 1957 this Authority the DDA was formed. The Delhi’s systematic yet rapid development has been carried away to near perfection by Delhi Development Authority with provision of residences for a number of 11+ Million population that still goes on increasing.

The center of government’s all activities it started to become only in 1911 and since then there’s been no looking back as the location has been in continued attraction as far as residential space is concerned. When the initial planning of shifting capital’s base was made, it was the thought of making North of Northern Ridge as the capital but later the current one was finalized on the cards around the Raisina Hills. Although, the official statement found regarding the establishment of DDA as a small office encompassing as much as 10-12 members in the Delhi Collectorate in the year 1922 yet the final decision on the name of organization, its structure and members was taken only in 1957. Though the up gradation of Nazul Office created in 1922 was carried in 1937 as an improvement trust yet it could not take the shape of actual authority. After Independence of India and occupying of land by migrants there’s a need for some authorized group to manage the entire township planning and organizing the colonization structure. The hap hazardous developments taking place needed to be checked and hence a committee under supervision of Mr. GD Birla was appointed in 1950 for monitoring which came to conclusion that one single authorized company is required to control all of this. In effect of which a provisional authority was constituted to carry out the objectives of having a planned city.

Finally on the day of December 30 in 1957, Delhi Development Authority acquired a shape of its own and was confirmed as 9th builder of the City Delhi.