DDA Housing Scheme

The Real Estate sector in India has received a lot of attention for the last two decades or so. Especially the big cities and metros like Delhi and Mumbai have harnessed maximum growth in this field. Government too has been benefited with the growth of Real Estates. The living standard of people has also improved paving the way for advanced infrastructure. The infrastructure in and around Delhi has improved astonishingly as it has been center of all the development reflecting all over India. Even though all of it has brought glory in this region (Delhi and around) yet because every day the population of Delhi is observed to be increasing as people are continuing to migrate from the countryside and from smaller towns to Delhi it has remained an imperative to increase the number of colonies and houses there in.

Food and Shelter being the basic needs of human life and an increased number of people has kept the demand of newer housing schemes up. Right from the year 1967, DDA Housing Schemes has been responsible to handle this operation on behalf of government of Delhi. There are many people who can’t afford very high rise apartments and need reasonable living places while there are so many people who can’t manage living in small cheaper houses and DDA helps them all with the facility of launching different kind of projects for HIGs (Higher Income Grades), MIGs (Middle Income Grades) and LIGs (Lower Income Grades). Till 2007 DDA has allotted 3, 67,724 flats under its housing schemes for distinct income grades of individuals. The function that DDA Housing executes is that of conducting Planned Development of Delhi as per the sections 7-11A of Delhi Development Act 1957.

DDA has been planning to launch more new housing projects under Delhi Development Act in the year 2014. These schemes will include affordable houses for the people who are living here for years and for those who have migrated recently. There will be state-of-the-art facilities of electricity, water and sewage disposal other than all other basic infrastructure facilities. All groups of societies will get the advantage from these schemes as DDA Housing Schemes will provide shelter for nearly everyone who is residing in Delhi. The revenue that will be extracted from these schemes will be used in the service of the people of Delhi. The government has planned to fulfill the basic needs of people so that they could grow high up and provide glory to the Nation by achieving maximum heights in their lives.

The planning department of DDA is amongst the largest planning teams of people in any Development Authority that make plans for towns and cities in India. The Planned Development of Delhi is guided through by its Planning Department via Master Plans, Zonal Plans, Action Area Plans and Urban Development Plans. These plans mainly comprise of City level planning, Sub-city level planning, comprehensive traffic and transportation planning, circulation planning, traffic management schemes and environmental schemes. In 2014 DDA is to launch new schemes in Dwarka, Vasantkunj and Rohini etc under its section keeping in mind all the planning and execution of operation on time. The booking of flats is managed keeping in view the convenience and comfort of people. The option is open for both online and off-line booking.

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    Please send me a issue date of New Housing Scheme

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